Tough and Dependable. A Testimonial

We recently received this great testimonial from Hy-Geo Consulting, Canada.

When Hy-Geo Consulting invested in 7 Diver™ data loggers in 2007 little did they know that they would still be using the instruments 13 years later. Alan Kohut, Sr. Hydrogeologist with Hy-Geo says he is amazed that these dataloggers are functioning with 43 to 46 % percent of their battery life still available in 2021. The reliability and accuracy of these dataloggers has been remarkable. Kohut has used the data loggers for numerous projects from long-term water level monitoring at excavation sites to recording water levels in observation wells, prior to, during and after long duration aquifer pumping tests. Some have been used continuously for periods up to 3 years recording water levels every 10 minutes.

Hy-Geo Consulting is an engineering firm located in Victoria, British Columbia Canada.