Data Software and Services

Van Essen Instruments offers advanced technology to manage your groundwater data and information. Optimized decision-making about your water resources requires comprehensive and integrated data storage and visualization. Our software lets users efficiently perform field work activities, improve the flow of data, and manage Diver assets with confidence.

Van Essen Instruments offers the following data software and services:

Diver Toolkit software consisting of Diver-Office and Diver-Field

  • Program Diver dataloggers
  • Plan fieldwork
  • Read-out Diver groundwater dataloggers
  • Record manual measurements
  • Validate Diver dataloggers
  • Display Diver data
  • Export the data to a spreadsheet or modeling program
  • Upload data to the Diver-HUB
  • Software setup, configuration, and training.


Cloud-based web portal Diver-HUB

  • Secure access to your groundwater monitoring data
  • Manage data in real-time on a desktop, phone, or tablet
  • Visualize time-series, create interactive maps, and graphs
  • Keep track of all hardware deployed in the field
  • Supporting the overall management of your network

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