Peter Westerhuis retired

Hoe does Peter look back at his time with Van Essen Instruments? You can read it here

Peter Westerhuis retired

This year Peter Westerhuis retired. He looks back at his time with Van Essen Instruments:

“I am fortunate to have been able to develop myself in the 24 years that I have worked at Van Essen Instruments and Schlumberger. I started on the Dutch market at a time when the use of the Diver was still in its infancy. And I ended up responsible for the international network of distributors. I’ve travelled to many countries, have met great people and have been part of great projects.

What I’m most proud of is the development of our distributor network. It is an honor to work with professionals from different cultures. Not only from a commercial point of view, but also to see how the realization has arisen in the various countries that monitoring groundwater is an absolute necessity. I’ve noticed that what seems logical and obvious to us, is far from being the case in many countries.

What I have missed in recent years is being able to travel and visit our distributors. A great experience to visit so many countries, talk to customers and understand the way business is done. And it’s the amazing relationships I’ve been able to build.

For the moment, I will first take it easy and enjoy the freedom. I will certainly continue to work, but on my own terms. I am now looking into the opportunity of becoming a volunteer at the Zuid-Holland water board.”