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Collaboration and Training in Belo Horizonte

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Collaboration and Training in Belo Horizonte, Brasil

More than 75 people participated in the workshop and the diverse presentations were well received. Van Essen Instruments’ International Distribution Manager Peter Westerhuis enthusiastically took part in this bilateral training initiative, and says the relationship building was an important part of this session. “Groundwater monitoring in Brasil is important and having a Dutch company presenting the data collected and stored in a national archive was an eye-opener for many participants. We had great discussions about groundwater data, Diver-HUB and other valuable Van Essen projects.”

The training offered the participants the opportunity to learn about the challenges of collecting data, maintaining the equipment, and reporting the data. It was a very successfully session. Thank you to all participants for taking part.

Click HERE to find out more about our valued business partner Water Services Brasil.

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