Nov 27

Get Connected with the New Smart Interface Cable

Only available in English.

Introducing a dynamic addition to our suite of Diver products, the Diver Smart Interface Cable. This new cable will connect you to the information you need; fast and efficiently. The Smart Interface Cable allows users to connect to a Diver data logger deployed in a well and compare Diver data with manual measurements.

Use the Diver Smart Interface Cable to communicate to Divers deployed on a Diver Data Cable to a USB port in your PC, laptop and/or tablet. Simply connect the Smart Interface Cable to the Diver Data Cable, and access your Diver using our free Diver-Office software.


  • Includes barometric sensor
  • Supports all Divers
  • Cable health indicator
  • Missing Diver detection


  • Compare Diver measurements to manual measurements
  • Plug-and-play usability

For more information visit the Smart Interface Cable page

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