Feb 29

Diver-HUB 2016 Released

Only available in English.

Van Essen Instruments is proud to announce the release of Diver-HUB 2016 on Feb 29th, 2016.

Diver-HUB is an easy-to-use, cloud-based web portal delivering centralized and secure access to your groundwater monitoring data from anywhere in the world. The solution allows you to monitor and manage groundwater monitoring data in real-time on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Diver-HUB integrates and visualizes all relevant monitoring data in intuitive maps and interactive graphs to analyze Diver datalogger time-series, effectively keep track of all hardware deployed in the field and support the overall management of your network.



Diver-HUB works in conjunction with Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system. Besides wireless groundwater monitoring Diver-HUB also supports traditional data collection with Diver dataloggers.

Diver-HUB 2016 has the following functionalities (widgets):

  • Map: provides spatial overview of the locations and monitoring points in the project(s). Colored map markers indicate notification levels for each monitoring point providing a quick status overview. Additionally, information regarding well construction, geohydrology, water levels and hardware are displayed on the map.
  • Monitoring point: provides detailed information for each monitoring point. The detail page contains an overview of all metadata (including pictures and borehole log plots).
  • Water Level Time-Series: provides graphs with raw and compensated groundwater data, statistics, manual measurements and precipitation (only in the Netherlands). Users can create flags to mark specific data or events.
  • Hardware Management: provides an overview of all hardware deployed in the project (past and present).
  • Dashboard: combines groundwater data from different monitoring points in a graph to visually compare and analyse groundwater levels.
  • Data Management: provides templates and import functionality to import the metadata into Diver-HUB.
  • Settings: provides a possibility to set-up the project and to manage widgets, users and their roles.
  • Notifications: provides an overview of all notifications including user-defined notifications.
  • Report: import and manage all relevant reports.
  • Housekeeping information: provides an overview of the housekeeping information of monitoring equipment deployed in the project (e.g. battery level, memory capacity, signal strength etc.).


The following new features are available in Diver-HUB 2016: 

  • Intuitive maps
  • Interactive graphs and dashboards
  • Flexible data import and export
  • Online notifications
  • Control user roles and access rights

Please visit us for more information here.

To try a demo of Diver-HUB 2016 go here.


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