Mar 15

Diver-DXT 3rd Generation Released

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Van Essen Instruments, groundwater datalogger equipment manufacturer and software specialist, has launched the next generation Diver-DXT on March 15, 2016 as part of wireless groundwater monitoring technology, Diver-NETZ.

The Diver-NETZ system is a complete network of first-class technologies, integrating and linking superior field instrumentation with the industry’s latest communication and data management capabilities. This system enables you to wirelessly monitor diver water level loggers in the field right from the comfort of your office PC. Diver-NETZ technology will accommodate almost any monitoring wells, including wells as-small-as 1 inch in diameter. The Diver-NETZ system streamlines project workflows by saving precious time otherwise spent in the field, and also provides effective groundwater resource management tools, and improved data quality.


"The Diver-NETZ system is ideal for multiple wells and monitoring wells in difficult to access locations." said Peter Westerhuis, Van Essen Instruments Global Sales and Marketing Manager. “Extended experience in The Netherlands have shown this system is up to 85% more efficient than traditional methods of data collection, because operators spend less time walking to and from vehicles to the monitoring points, unlocking and opening well covers, retrieving the water level loggers from the wells, downloading collected data, and then reversing the whole process to put everything back in place - until the next time.”

The next generation Diver-DXT can be ordered with or without an integrated barometric datalogger option. The Diver-DXT has a normal battery life of 5 years.

Replacing the battery in your Diver-DXT is made simple with the new battery replacement kit. The battery replacement kit contains all parts needed to quickly update the Diver-DXT, including the battery, wires and connector, and a desiccant bag.

The new Diver-DXT works efficiently with the current Diver equipment and Diver-Office 2016. Please visit to learn more or contact us:

Van Essen Instruments B.V.
Delftechpark 20
PO Box 553 2600 AN
Delft, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)15 275 5000

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