Doing International Business

Learn about Van Essen Instruments international distributor network.

By Peter Westerhuis, Global Distribution Manager

Doing International Business

Van Essen Instruments is proud to support a strong international distributor network. In 1995, we launched our first Diver data logger in the Netherlands for long-term groundwater monitoring, and it became clear that the Diver product line was critical for international projects. Global projects shine a spotlight on the effects that agriculture, urbanization, and construction have on the availability of fresh water. A global network of distributor partners helps us reach remote and important ground and surface water projects all over the world.

Working with global partners is a unique and rewarding experience. Building the relationship and collaboration are key aspects of our international business practices.

  • Where and how can we support international water related projects?
    Researching and recruiting our partners is critical to our work. We dedicate our focus to ensure our distributor partners success.

  • Using our existing networks to expand!
    Another great tool is to use the existing network of Dutch companies working all over the world. These companies have deep project knowledge, and understand which countries are developing monitoring networks in the years to come.

Van Essen Instruments enthusiastically support our international partners with in-depth product knowledge, training, and helpful information on local projects and opportunities.

The Van Essen Instruments sales team would like to thank all our global businesses for their hard work and dedication to the important work of protecting our most precious water resources. These challenging times affect our work but also our communities, and we are proud to work with engaged and committed business partners.

Peter Westerhuis is Van Essen Instruments’ International Distribution Manager.

Peter Westerhuis is Van Essen Instruments’ International Distribution Manager. Connect with Peter today to learn about how you can join the Van Essen Instruments family as a distributor partner!

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