Disclosing Groundwater Data to a Broader Audience

Find out more about our solutions to share your groundwater data with public audiences and connecting Diver-HUB to 3rd party software.

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When you are managing a groundwater monitoring network with Divers and Diver-Link telemetry, you can make your data visible through our webportal Diver-HUB. This is a secured environment where the data is only accessible to authorized users. In some cases, it is desirable or even mandatory to serve a broader audience. Van Essen Instruments offers two services enabling you to share the data with a larger public.

Diver-HUB Public

Several municipalities in the Netherlands are offering the Diver-HUB Public service. This is a user friendly, map-based open portal where a predetermined number of monitoring points are visualized. By clicking on the monitoring points, the user can see groundwater level time series, along with basic metadata. It is also possible to download the data in .csv format.

Diver-HUB Public is available globally.



With Diver-HUB API (Application Programming Interface), third-party software can be connected to Diver-HUB.

If you like to know more about our services, please reach out to us at diver@vanessen.com