Connecting multiple Divers to Diver-Link Triple

Introducing our new Diver-Link Triple. Our Diver-Link Triple allows users to connect up to three Divers with one modem.

Introducing our new Diver-Link Triple.

Diver-Link Triple is equipped with three wired connectors with different lengths, enabling convenient cable management inside the well enclosure, allowing users to connect up to three Divers with one modem. These connectors are compatible with the standard DXT data cables from Van Essen Instruments.

 Diver-Link Triple

Plug and Play

The new Diver-Link Triple will work with one, two or three Divers. It detects which and how many Divers are connected and sends data to the Diver-HUB web portal, where it becomes visible in the designated project. There is no need to program the Diver-Link. Once installed, the Diver-Link is easily activated with the supplied magnet, showing the status of all three connected cables and Divers as well as the Diver-Link connection itself.

The Diver-Link is a complete telemetry solution. A complete remote monitoring system that integrates field instrumentation with wireless communication and data management to effectively manage (ground)water resources. The Diver-Link is suitable for the continuous long and short-term monitoring projects.

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