Nov 08

Watershed Partnerships: Soluciones Ambientales

A global force! Travelling to support clients from her office in Nicaragua or in her second Canadian office in Waterloo; Yessika Montes is a valued and trusted re-seller of Van Essen Instruments.

Yessika has been a strong voice in the sales and distribution for Van Essen Instruments suite of Divers for over 18 years. In 2015, she felt inspired to share her expertise by starting her own distributorship, Soluciones Ambientales. “I have sold you products for 18 years. I promote and sell products through Latin America at tradeshows, workshops, and through partner distributors. I believe in my experience and the close relationships with my clients. That connection is so important to me.”

Van Essen Instruments values the dedication and commitment Yessika delivers as an official distributer. Her enthusiasm for her work is palpable and deep-rooted in experience. She shares a unique history with other distributors and Van Essen Instruments’ staff, and loves the adventure our partnership offers. “Travelling as a team to workshops in Colombia and to remote places all over the world really fuelled my passion for my work. I enjoy what I do and value the relationships I have built with staff and clients.”

Van Essen Instruments works to create a transparent and trustworthy relationship with all our distributor partners. Our international success is directly measured by the work that they do all year-long.

Soluciones Ambientales and Van Essen Instruments; building watershed moments with a history of excellence and shared passions.

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