Oct 30

Van Essen Instruments wins Vitens tender in the Netherlands

Van Essen Instruments signs a four-year agreement with Vitens; the largest supplier of drinking water in the Netherlands, serving 5.7 million customers.

“Vitens is the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands, delivering quality drinking water to over 5-million people and companies across the Netherlands. We are proud to work with them on this important project.” says Johan van Bruggen, General Manager of Van Essen Instruments.

Van Essen Instruments are proud partners with Vitens after winning the tender published in April 2016. Van Essen will be the exclusive supplier to Vitens for groundwater level dataloggers, cables and accompanying software for 2,500 monitoring wells during the contract period that runs through 2021.

For more information about Vitens, visit their website at www.vitens.com.

Photo (left to right): Ruud Krab, Specialist Coördinator Winmiddelen & Meetnetbeheer; Doeke Schippers, Manager Winning en Zuivering, Manager Business Unit; Sander Baseliers, Sales & Marketing Manager, Van Essen Instruments; Johan van Bruggen, General Manager, Van Essen Instruments

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