Oct 03

... and streamline your visit with Diver-Field 2.0. Ideal user interface for outdoor visibility combined with touch screen operation, optimal workflow productivity from office to field. Use your field time well with Diver-Field.

Oct 02

Van Essen Instruments’ Eric Coulombe joined over 280 participants for the 31st AHS Annual Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona.

Oct 01

The Alabama Water Resources Conference is the premier water conference in the state.

Aug 14

Introducing Dr. Nilson Guiguer; scientist, entrepreneur and valuable long-time business partner with Van Essen Instruments.

Jun 13

The video is now available! Gain valuable insights for our powerful software programs, Diver-Office and Diver-Field, in this 18-minute interactive webinar. Van Essen Instruments' Product Manager, Emiel Dijkstra, leads this detailed demonstration on our Diver-Office & Diver-Field applications.

Jun 05

For over 64 years, the Society for Freshwater Science Annual Conference (SFS) gathers environmental professionals from across the United States. This year the SFS conference focused on navigating and understanding boundaries in freshwater science.

Jun 03

For more than 20 years, Peter has dedicated his career to developing and nurturing relationships with his network of distributors, industry partners, clients, and colleagues at Van Essen Instruments.

Jun 01

Over 325 environmental professionals from Tennessee and surrounding states attended the 27th Tennessee Water Resources Symposium (TWRS) from April 11 – 13 in Montgomery Bell State Park, TN. Sales Development Manager, Jonathan Evans, represented Van Essen Instruments at this long-running annual symposium.

May 31

Over 2,000 attendees enjoyed the AZ Water Conference from May 2 – 4 in Phoenix, Arizona to support “a vibrant Arizona through safe, reliable water.” Sales Development Manager, Eric Coulombe, attended with 250 conference exhibitors at this large annual conference.

May 30

Join us at GEOMATICA ANDINA: World Exhibition and Congress for Latin American Mining

May 16

Gain valuable insights for our powerful software programs, Diver-Office and Diver-Field.

Apr 29

Making connections at EXPOMIN 2018: World Exhibition and Congress for Latin American Mining

Apr 19

Over 1,500 environmental professionals from Florida and surrounding states attended the Florida Water Resources Conference (FWRC) from April 15 -18 in Daytona Beach, FL. Sales Manager, Jonathan Evans, represented Van Essen Instruments at this important annual conference.

Mar 23

TRIECA is the annual storm water, erosion and sediment control conference. Hosted by TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority), this conference brings together environmental experts, influencers and research partners. TRIECA 2018 ran from March 21 – 22 in Toronto, ON.

Mar 15

For over 27 years, the South Carolina Environmental Conference (SCEC) has been growing and giving environmental professionals and corporate exhibitors a platform to share information. This year, the SCEC ran from March 11 – 14th in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Mar 02

Over 560 attendees visiting 43 exhibitors over four days in Las Vegas makes this a very successful conference. The Nevada Water Resources Association (NWRA) pulled environmental professionals from all over Nevada and across the USA for their 4-day annual conference from February 26 – March 1 in Las Vegas, NV. Business Development Manager Eric Coulombe represented Van Essen Instruments this year and says it was a huge success.

Feb 27

As Manager of the Monitoring Services team, Renger regularly collaborates with colleagues, clients, distributors, and project partners.

Jan 11

Over 4,000 environmental professionals from around the globe attended Groundwater Week from December 5 – 7 in Nashville, TN. Sales Managers Eric Coulombe and Jonathan Evans represented Van Essen Instruments this year in the Groundwater Summit Pavilion.

Dec 07

While celebrating Canada’s 150th, the annual Latornell Conservation Symposium 2017 explored the topics of ecological, policy and organizational succession, and continuing contributions to knowledge. The conference ran from November 21 – 21st in Alliston, ON.

Nov 29

Pablo Zúñiga is an extraordinary entrepreneur committed to building solid relationships with his company, AguaLibre EIRL. Van Essen Instruments proudly partners with them and support his commitment to his clients.

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