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Merging Time Series in Diver-Office

Did you know that Diver-Office can merge time series?

Merging Time Series in Diver-Office

Choosing the New Data download option will save time downloading Diver data. This means that not all data stored in the Diver is automatically downloaded. Only the data recorded since the last time data was retrieved will be downloaded.

Downloading new data results in multiple, non-overlapping successive time series for a specific Diver or monitoring point. The merge time series feature combines all the time series for a monitoring point into a single time series as depicted in the figure below. 

Merge the time series in two ways: for the entire project, or for a single monitoring point. Both methods are available through the project tree in the main window of Diver-Office. 

To merge time series for a single monitoring point right-click on the Diver Data node and select the Merge Time Series option. 

Alternatively, you can merge all the time series in a project by right-clicking on project name and select the Merge All Time Series option. 

For more helpful Diver-Office user tips, please visit the Diver-Office frequently asked questions.

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