Apr 04

Van Essen Instruments Releases the Diver-SDI

Introducing the Diver-SDI™ for Remote Monitoring.

The next generation of the SDI-12 interface for Divers is released in April 2017 as part of the Diver remote groundwater monitoring technology.

The new Diver-SDI (AS379) allows you to connect the Diver to your SDI-12 system. SDI-12 is a standard to interface battery-powered data recorders with sensors designed for remote environmental data acquisition.

The Diver-SDI is a totally new design and replaces the Diver-DCX.

New features and benefits of the Diver-SDI include: 

  • Major improvement (250 times) in power consumption from 25 mA to 100 µA stand-by current.
  • Compatible with the latest SDI-12 protocol version 1.4 released July 2016.
  • The Diver-SDI has a built-in pressure and temperature sensor for measuring real-time air temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • Automatic barometric compensation of the Diver pressure readings. No need for post-processing the pressure data.
  • Dynamic density compensation for accurate water levels in saline conditions when used with the CTD-Diver. Accurate water levels when water density varies due to salt content.
  • External power supply through the SDI-12 system. No internal battery required. The compact Diver-SDI can be mounted inside the well casing for long-term, uninterrupted use.

Download the Diver-SDI press release here or Diver-SDI persbericht (in Dutch)

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