Oct 03

Bring Diver-Office to the Field...

... and streamline your visit with Diver-Field 2.0. Ideal user interface for outdoor visibility combined with touch screen operation, optimal workflow productivity from office to field. Use your field time well with Diver-Field.

Experience new features in Diver-Field 2.0

  • Validate time series and manual measurements
  • Program Diver settings
  • Execute preset actions
  • And much more...


Monitoring Points

Expanded Monitoring Points functionality:

  • Show field instructions per monitoring point.
  • Show actions per monitoring point and program Diver (automatically):
    • None.
    • Restart Diver: Synchronize the Diver clock and restart the Diver after downloading data.
    • Reprogram Diver: Program Diver with predefined settings.
    • Replace existing Diver: Program Diver with predefined settings.
    • Install new Diver: Program Diver with predefined settings.

Check and Validate

Improved Check and Validate features:

  • Check and validate the Diver pressure against the barometric pressure.
  • Check and validate the Diver clock against the computer clock.

Export & Menu Navigation

Easier Export & Menu navigation tools:

  • Export MON files after downloading the data from a Diver.
  • Enter field notes per monitoring point.
  • Search for monitoring points.
  • Order monitoring points by sequence number in monitoring points overview.

BONUS Updates

Enjoy expanded new updates in Diver-Office:

  • Export monitoring point data to a CSV-file for use in Diver-Field.
  • Import monitoring point data from a CSV-file for use in Diver-Field.
  • Export manual measurements per project or per monitoring point to a CSV-file.
  • Sort the monitoring points in the tree view alphabetically (descending or ascending) or on the Diver-Field sequence number.
  • Added new units for conductivity: microSiemens per centimeter (µS/cm) and Siemens per meter (S/m).
  • Rename an existing project name.
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