Nov 06

Van Essen Instruments Releases the All New TD-Diver


Van Essen Instruments is proud to announce the release the next generation of Diver groundwater dataloggers as part of the Diver-Suite groundwater monitoring technology. 

The TD-Diver is a totally new design which combines over 75 years of groundwater monitoring experience with the most recent technologies and components available in the market today. Available in 10, 20, 50 and 100-meter measuring ranges, the TD-Diver can be used in a range of environmental applications such as groundwater monitoring, mining and surface water monitoring. In addition to the TD-Diver, the Baro-Diver datalogger for recording atmospheric pressure and temperature was also redesigned and offers the same features and benefits as the TD-Diver. A selection of new features and benefits of the TD and Baro-Diver are:

  • Fast download speed so you spend less time in the field.
  • Solid enclosure makes for easy borehole deployment.
  • Large memory lets you take a sample every hour for 8 years.
  • Enhanced data integrity with the new backup memory feature.
  • The communication protocol allows you to retrieve data and real-time data from the Diver within your own software application.

Van Essen Instruments’s free Diver-Office software makes it easy to configure the TD-Diver groundwater dataloggers and manage the collected data in the office and in the field. Using a laptop or tablet, users can enter manual water level measurements, view real-time water level data, check the datalogger status, and share data files for analysis in spreadsheets.

Please download the TD-Diver press release here.

Download a high resolution image of the TD-Diver here.

Download a high resolution image of the Baro-Diver here.

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