Capture your Data with a ‘DIVER’

Our new blog series to inform, educate, and share the benefits of capturing your data with a Van Essen Instruments’ Diver.

Introduction to Our Diver Fleet

By Jonathan Evans

First and foremost, my thoughts are with those directly affected by the coronavirus. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to those who find themselves on the frontline of the national efforts to combat this virus. We are in this together.

My plan is to release a series of articles with the purpose of informing, educating and sharing – this is the very first attempt – with more to come!
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About me: I am Jonathan Evans, Account Manager for Van Essen Instruments whose HQ is in Delft, Netherlands. I cover all USA states east of the Mississippi River and reside along with my family in Stone Mountain Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. I can look back at over 36 years of experience in the field of “water resources” including many years as a scientist which has a tremendous impact on my ability to help and support our distributor network and customers.

Today’s Topic: Introduction of our “Diver” family and communication

  • Van Essen brief history
  • Diver datalogger family of the “Super 5”
  • Wireless radio communication
  • Telemetry option

Brief History – Van Essen Instruments


Van Essen Instruments was founded in 1938 by Cornelis van Essen in Delft, Netherlands. Cornelis was electronics engineer by profession and had an interest in the development of instrumentation.

In the early 1990s, Van Essen began to offer standard water related equipment such as standalone dataloggers, which used external sensors and flow meters for open channels. Van Essen was one of the first companies to develop a tide measuring system for the Rotterdam Harbor. In this project telemetry was used. Telemetry was very advanced for its time and became a key milestone in Van Essen’s growth.

Our commitment to quality and performance has established Van Essen Instruments as a premier brand in the industry.

Diver datalogger family – “Super 5”

All dataloggers have a variety of pressure ranges. You might ask, what does that mean? The answer is:  the range is the amount of feet of water above the pressure sensor. Some folks get this confused with the total depth of the well. All our dataloggers’ measure temperature and pressure level, with one exception the CTD-Diver can also measure conductivity and export salinity values. All are designed for short and long-term monitoring.


Van Essen’s long-term uninterrupted, real-time atmospheric pressure monitoring. In addition, the Baro-Diver can monitor shallow water levels (<4.9 feet) using a pressure sensor when submerged at a fixed level under the water surface. Great for watersheds or retention ponds.



Van Essen’s most popular Diver. Use for long-term uninterrupted, real-time atmospheric pressure monitoring. Great for measuring fixed measurements in ground and surface water applications. Can fit into a 1″ casing.



Our long-term uninterrupted, real-time atmospheric pressure monitoring datalogger. Measuring only 3.46” in length and 0.71” in diameter, it’s the smallest Diver capable of being installed in a ¾” tube. Great for pumping tests in groundwater applications.



A robust and small datalogger (1″ in diameter) featuring an all ceramic body, it is great choice for highly corrosive environments.



The most comprehensive of our diver fleet and can measure water-level, temperature and conductivity. You can also export salinity values in its all ceramic constructed body. This Diver is perfect for salt intrusion studies or wastewater applications, and can fit into a 1″ casing.


Wireless Radio Communication

Wireless Radio Communication

A field scientist might ask, I wish I could communicate to my dataloggers without having to remove the cover or get out of my vehicle”. The answer to this solution is using our Diver-Gate (M) Mobile system with the Diver-DXT radio antennas.

Diver to a DXT cable,

All you do is connect your Diver to a DXT cable, then to a Diver-DXT radio antenna and you can connect using one Diver-Gate (M). This is a reliable system when you have conditions that are undesirable which could cause a safety issue.

Telemetry with Diver-Link

Diver-Link is our newest device to the Diver family

Diver-Link is our newest device to the Diver family. Install one Diver-Link at each well and connect your divers with the same DXT cables – now you can see your data at your desktop. It has proven to be simple to use and is referred to “telemetry made easy”. Coupled with our state-of-the-art Diver-Hub secure cloud-based web portal, your data is very easy to manage and share.

In Summary

Van Essen Instruments is here to help and listen to all our customers and partners who have questions, inquiries or want to simply learn more about water resource solutions, support and strategies.

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