• Quick and easy in-situ data downloading
  • No need to remove datalogger from well
  • Protect your CTD-Diver from bio-fouling
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs
  • Download data in-situ
  • Increase efficiency in the field
  • Program and start your Diver datalogger
  • Communicate via USB connection
  • Worry-free data downloading
  • Simple, easy-to-use
  • Integrate with SDI-12 compatible telemetry system
  • Real-time transmission of water level and quality data
  • Collect data wirelessly at a distance up to 500 meters
  • Durable, reliable and suitable for all environments
  • Transmit data from the field to the office
  • Component of the Diver-NETZ wireless system
  • Transmit data wirelessly to your mobile device
  • Communicates with deployed Diver-DXTs
  • The Modbus interface for Divers
  • Real-time Diver data
  • Connect Divers to SCADA systems
  • Small size

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